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The company Luxera bases our international businnes succes on long-time experiences with development, production and with the sale of lights. Consistently we know the style and needs of customers, which open up at us exactly it what they find - aesthetic, functional, classics and innovation fixtures, ecologicals light sources as a complex solutions of light interiors and exteriors.

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We like present the comprehesive selection from offer of lights in modern places of showroom, which you can find in the Bratislava, on the street of Bajkalska. Showroom became the place of business meetings and the pleasant meets, where we introduce the new colections and discuss with forein and national suppliers and partners. It hepls us to keep the continual partnership with customers and dinamically respond on developmentĀ“s trends on the trade.

2009 - constitution of the company Luxera, s.r.o. in Slovakia
2009 - constitution of the company Luxera, Ltd. In Bulgaria
2010 - open the showroom Luxera in Sophia with the place of 380 m2
2010 - constitution of the company Luxera, Kft. In Hungary
2011 - open the showroom Luxera in Bratislava with the place of 205 m2 | Copyright © Luxera s.r.o.